Paratek Answers Research In Motion’s Call for a Better Mobile Phone User Experience

By Alan Spoon, Partner, Polaris Partners

Watch out providers of mobile phones, Research In Motion (RIM) just acquired Paratek Adaptive RF, in which Polaris Venture Partners was a lead investor. Paratek honed a patented technology that cleverly exploits composite ceramics to provide handsets with extraordinary tunability, together with big improvements in battery life and antennae design.

Integrating Paratek’s technology into mobile phones is a game changer for two reasons.  First, the technology allows mobile devices to upload and download large amounts of data faster, making for longer battery life, which — together with Paratek’s more effective antennae design — means devices can become smaller/thinner.

Second, the technology — Tunable RF — improves the mobile user experience by reducing dropped calls and allowing reliable data flow as users move across an ever growing number of frequency bands from provider to provider.

Congratulations to RIM for bringing aboard a powerful set of innovative technologies that RIM customers will surely appreciate in our global wireless lives.

Obviously people are key to technology creation and implementation.  The Paratek team is comprised of remarkable engineers and execs who will join the RIM family to bring Paratek forward.  Leading the charge at Paratek have been some great entrepreneurs:   Ralph Pini, chief executive officer and president; Tom Lambalot, chief commercial officer; James Oakes, chief technology officer; and of course, James DiLorenzo, chairman and chief technology operations officer.  Paratek was dripping with absolute talent who brought abundant, relevant experience from Motorola, Raytheon, AT&T, SmartLink Radio Networks, etc.

This team delivered for its several VC investors and for next generation mobile users. Congratulations to the Paratek team and to RIM for tapping their talent and technology.

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