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We’re delighted to publically announce our Series A investment in @dogpatchlabs Dublin alumni company Boxever – the next generation customer intelligence platform for airlines and online travel agents (OTAs).

I first met Dave O’ Flanagan, Boxever Founder and CEO, a couple of years ago when Boxever was a mere concept.  We were introduced through a mutual friend who had worked with Dave (read: reported to Dave) when he was leading an 80 person strong engineering team over at Datalex, the travel commerce folk. I always like when people (read: people I respect) recommend their bosses.

Two years on and Dave has built an incredible team with travel domain expertise second to none, compiled a cadre of data scientists and engineers any Valley company would be envious of employing, and has already won some very significant contracts with big brand airlines and OTAs. Most importantly, Boxever has delivered a platform that immediately resonates with its customers and prospects. In one instance, one of their clients bypassed the RFP process by seeking Board approval such was their conviction that Boxever was the solution for them.

Sboxever newo what’s it all about? Contrary to the title of this post, Boxever is about choice, it’s about knowing that all of your customers and passengers are unique and have different wants, needs and requirements. Boxever enables airlines to offer each and every customer a customized experience online and offline so that a) the end-user has a better interaction and feels valued, and b) the airline drives increased ancillary revenues through improved product, service and offer matching.  It also retains its customers through meaningful personalization and optimization. After all, winning (read: paying to acquire) the same customer over and over is a pretty expensive game!

CRM for airlines is essentially non-existent.  Carriers big and small, domestic and international, low cost and flag-carriers are instead relying on outdated loyalty programs as quasi-customer relationship platforms. In most cases, marketing, customer support, online and commerce all maintain separate databases so that they each have a bit of information about their customers, but it’s all locked in silos so there’s no single 360’ view. And to think that ancillary revenues for airlines exceeded almost $50 billion globally last year.

Moving the needle on a $50 billion market opportunity requires a big vision and Boxever has that vision, domain expertise, and chops to make it happen. Did I mention domain expertise?  Also today Boxever announced Tigerair, Asia’s largest low-cost carrier as a customer. More marquee customers are already on board (pun intended) and will be announced soon.

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