Vhoto: An App for Moms and the Masses


It’s a brand new era for those of us who take photos with our phone. Today, Vhoto emerged from stealth mode and launched in the Apple store in the US – and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m stoked for Polaris and my partner Dave Barrett, who has supported the company over the last year as they developed their technology and reached this important milestone. I’m psyched for the Vhoto CEO Noah Heller and his team who are super smart, focused technology leaders with a game changing vision. But most of all, I’m thrilled for……me.

I have been waiting for this technology for years.

In a nutshell, Vhoto is a free app that uses algorithms, computer vision and machine learning to allow iPhone users to pull amazing still shots from video.

As a mom of two boys, I take an awful lot of pictures of my family on the go. About 1 percent of those pictures are actually amazing shots, due in part to my ability (or lack thereof) as a camera phone user – but also because current technology doesn’t allow me to capture the moments when they are happening. I push that button – there is a delay – and the action shot, the smile, the goofy face is long gone. I miss more than I hit, for sure. Vhoto solves this problem!

vhoto_screenshot5 So now, rather than playing the odds and trying to capture a single picture of my son running hurdles, I can take a 20 second Vhoto video, the app selects the best frames from the thousands available for me, and presents me with these incredible moments that would have never been captured!

If that’s not enough, Vhoto also “learns” what pictures I like and presents me more customized choices over time. Make no mistake – this isn’t a quick little app that some kid put together in his dorm room. The technology is pretty amazing – and the UI is extremely intuitive.

For Moms (and Dads and grandparents), Vhoto makes sure you never miss that shot again. But it really is an app for the masses.

Oh, did I mention you can share your awesome photos on Facebook, Twitter and the Vhoto site where a community is quickly forming?

In speaking with Noah – and he made this point in our press release – he likened the Vhoto vision to George Eastman of Kodak who introduced the automatic camera to the world and said: “You Push The Button And We Do The Rest.” With this vision, Eastman really made photography available to everyone – not just hobbyists and chemists. Vhoto seeks to do the same for phone cameras – making us all better photographers and making certain the best moments are never missed because we can’t snap fast enough.

I can’t wait to get going – and am so proud to be a part of this game changing launch.

Download Vhoto for free here: https://itunes.apple.com/app/vhoto/id816602120

Visit the Vhoto site here: http://vho.to/


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