Vhoto Upgrade Puts Video and Photography in Context

vhoto_appicon_thumbA camera with a brain

Vhoto released version 2.0 today, a major update that represents months of user feedback and fine tuning. I believe deeply in the company’s vision and today’s release brings us much closer to a camera with a brain.

In my career, I’ve come to believe that context is key. My company, Spindle, modeled a user’s real-time context to improve search results. What started as a simple query for “fried oysters” became a rich query that considered the user’s current location, the time of day, their preferences, a real-time feed of updates from places nearby, time filtering of those updates to understand what was relevant to the user’s current circumstance, etc. The result wasn’t a static website or an old post, but a Tweet from a restaurant fifty feet away inviting you to stop by at exactly that moment. Context was key. It helped us find the needle in the haystack.

Photography is about capturing the perfect moment and today’s cameras leave that entirely to chance. If you want the magic moment, you have to click at the exact right time. And anyone with a wiggly toddler or a prodigal Pug dog (I have both) has experienced the unfortunate snap of the shutter one second too early – or too late — and the moment is missed.  Software should solve this problem.  And the Vhoto team has figured this out.

Again, context is key.

Once captured, a photo becomes an orphan. It is completely separated from the moment in which it was created. You don’t know what came before or what transpired after.

Vhoto flips this reality on its head and captures an entire scene – but then uses software to find the perfect shot. In doing so, Vhoto captures context. Its software can look on either side of a frame, follow subjects across time, understand movement and unique events within a video, and uses computer vision, machine learning and a host of algorithms to pick the absolute best images for you.

Vhoto PKToday’s release brings the vision of a camera with a brain a major step forward. The update includes significant improvements to the user experience and its social features. It also includes an incredible new feature,Time Shift, that allows you to advance a photo forward and backward to find the exact right moment. And, of course, that data helps train Vhoto’s software so that it learns what photos you like best, capturing the perfect moment every time.

I encourage you to download the latest version today — onto your iPhone, iPad , or iPod Touch.  It’s free. It’s intuitive. And it’s super fun to use.  Most importantly, as consumers continue to adopt video as their medium of choice, Vhoto technology is going to play an important role in keeping it all in context.


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