Polaris and Scientific American’s Worldview 100

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Scientific American’s 2015 Worldview 100 lists the biotechnology industry’s “leading lights” and comprises researchers, investors, advocates, and legislators who have contributed deeply to the emergence of the field.  Here at Polaris, we couldn’t be more proud of our partners — investors at our firm and company founders and leaders in our portfolio and network – who are honored for their exceptional work and included among these distinguished individuals.

Specifically, we applaud George Church, Bob Langer and Lee Hood who are included in the list’s Top 10.  All three gentlemen have started companies with Polaris.  George is a co-founder of gene editing company Editas Medicine; Bob has founded and built more than 20 companies with us; and Lee is a founder of Arivale, a newly launched scientific wellness company poised to do fantastic things in this emerging field.

The list also recognizes Polaris Repeat Entrepreneurs (individuals who have founded multiple companies with us), Omid Farokhzad (Selecta, BIND) and Ram Sasisekharan (Momenta, Visterra, Cerulean) and members of our Life Sciences Advisory Board Richard Pops and Phillip Sharp.

Our investing partners — founding partner Terry McGuire and venture partner Amy Schulman — are also on this illustrious list, and we are thrilled to see their rigor, intellect and goodwill recognized.

As the editors of Scientific American noted:  “The Worldview 100 could easily have been developed as The Worldview 500, The Worldview 1,000, or any multiple thereof.

We agree.  There are many, many more individuals who have made meaningful impacts on our industry and in the lives of patients.  Still, we are gratified to see this subset honored, as these luminaries truly represent the values and perspectives of our life sciences practice.  We look forward to many more years working together to make the world a better place.

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