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One of the investment themes we’re committed to at Polaris is re-imagining and transforming legacy workflows through the application of technology.  Automating antiquated ways of doing business. Breathing innovation into creaky business models.

We’re always seeking opportunities to apply enabling technologies and next-gen business models to modernize processes in desperate need of improvement.

Our Partner, Pat Kinsel, has made two such investments since he began investing over the over the past year or so:  Lob, which revolutionizes print and direct mail processes, and Drizly, which enables alcohol delivery and facilitates consumer/distribution chain/brand relationships.  Both of these companies take processes that were cumbersome and time-consuming and make them simple and more accessible for everyone in the value chain.

Today Pat continues on this path.  This time, launching a company he has personally founded — tackling one of the most archaic, unwieldy and pain-in-the-boomer processes facing our country today.


True, it may not be the sexiest application of technology, but the collective “ugh” heard at the mention of having to get something notarized is testimony to the opportunity.  Consider the following:  There are approximately 1.2 billion documents that are notarized each year – all requiring the signer to locate a notary and be physically present when completing the transaction.

Not anymore.

Notarize is the first company which enables 24/7 on demand, electronic, remote notarization over your mobile phone in all 50 states.  For the better part of the last year, Pat’s night job has been to commit himself to understanding notary law and developing the technology to make this process not only more efficient for all parties involved, but also more secure, more verifiable and far more cost effective.

All you have to do is download the app, upload your document and connect via video call to a licensed notary who is waiting to serve you.  The process is entirely intuitive and can be completed in minutes.

Think about the time it takes to find a notary, travel to the location, and process the transactions.  Think about how much it stinks to stand in that line.

We’re talking years of unproductive time. Not particularly fun time.

For institutions that require these documents, Notarize enables them to get the signed papers back faster, and video is kept for five years’ time.  If there is ever a question about the authenticity of the notarization, one can request a recording of the actual signing.

Faster.  Easier. More secure.

All of us at Polaris have been proud to lead investment round in Notarize, as we pride ourselves in funding ideas that profoundly change the way we live and work.

And when our partners themselves develop these game-changers, we’re first in line to support their vision.

As Founder of Notarize and as an active investor on our technology team, Pat will continue to aim to make a difference in how the world works.

We’re proud to call him our partner and are stoked to embark on our Notarize journey!

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