Transforming the Hibernators

We partner every day with innovators who are focused on developing transcending SaaS, Cloud and Data technologies which can transform the way business works. But my Polaris partners and I are equally immersed in business model and process innovations which… Read More ›

Polaris Welcomes FloQast

Back in January, I wrote about the five most important topics founders should cover in their conversations with VCs when looking for funding.  The first subject out of the gate was about pain points:  What is the pain you are addressing?  How acute… Read More ›

Introducing Notarize

  One of the investment themes we’re committed to at Polaris is re-imagining and transforming legacy workflows through the application of technology.  Automating antiquated ways of doing business. Breathing innovation into creaky business models. We’re always seeking opportunities to apply… Read More ›

No Pain, No Gain

At the end of the year, I was honored to be included in Mattermark’s list of “VC’s You Should Pitch When You Fundraise.” I love meeting new entrepreneurs and being helpful to them when I can. Even if the conversation… Read More ›