Polaris Welcomes FloQast

Back in January, I wrote about the five most important topics founders should cover in their conversations with VCs when looking for funding.  The first subject out of the gate was about pain points:  What is the pain you are addressing?  How acute… Read More ›

Introducing Notarize

  One of the investment themes we’re committed to at Polaris is re-imagining and transforming legacy workflows through the application of technology.  Automating antiquated ways of doing business. Breathing innovation into creaky business models. We’re always seeking opportunities to apply… Read More ›

No Pain, No Gain

At the end of the year, I was honored to be included in Mattermark’s list of “VC’s You Should Pitch When You Fundraise.” I love meeting new entrepreneurs and being helpful to them when I can. Even if the conversation… Read More ›

Raise Now & Get Back to Work

There’s a lot of hand-wringing these days about late-stage private venture valuations, crossover investor frenzy hangover and the downstream impact on the Tech IPO market. As well as the effect still further down the river: on mid-stage follow-on valuations. You’ve… Read More ›