Introducing Polaris Partners VIII. For Technology and Healthcare Entrepreneurs.

We’re honored to announce our eighth fund: Polaris Partners VIII.

We targeted $400 million — as we have for our most recent funds — and closed at $435 million.

Total AUM since our firm’s inception exceeds $4.3 billion.

As many folks know, we’ve made our first investments from this new fund over the last several months. So now, we’d like to share our perspective on what it really means to us.

What We Believe

Raising capital, in and of itself, is not an accomplishment for venture firms or entrepreneurs.

What’s truly important is two-fold: Exceptional reputations with entrepreneurs by repeatedly helping to build important companies. Strong relationships with Limited Partners alongside exceptional performance.

Our core values begin and end with a focus on the people who choose us as partners.

We partner with talented innovators to build special teams that seek to change how we work and live.

And we partner with large investors — our valued Limited Partners — several of whom we’ve worked with for many years.

We’re also grateful to begin partnerships with those new LPs who have joined us in Polaris VIII to support our mission to build market-leading companies in healthcare and technology.

We come to work each day more compelled than the one before, striving to be the best partners we can be.

The kind of partners we’d want to have by our side.

We appreciate the confidence of these partners and do our best every day to prove worthy of it.

Where We Invest

We invest throughout the company life cycle — from the earliest stages of company creation through profitability — working closely with our teams to reach their goals.

We invest in transformative technology, biological science and innovative business models where we have deep experience and success — as investors, board members, scientists, operators and entrepreneurs.

In Technology — data-driven SaaS applications, cloud infrastructure, security, data sciences, and business-directed marketplaces. Areas which reimagine industries and transform The Future of Work.

In Life Sciences — novel therapeutics, platform biotechnology, genomics, drug delivery, diagnostics and medical devices that meet the critical needs of patients worldwide. Areas which change our lives.

In Healthcare Technology and Services — at the nexus of our firm’s experience, entrepreneurial & advisory networks. Transcendent convergence of data-driven SaaS technologies and new care delivery models that improve both patient outcomes and business efficiencies in the turbulent environment of payment reform.

The Next Decades

For over twenty years, Polaris has sought out the best entrepreneurs.

And they’ve come back again and again to start new ventures — to build their next companies — to advise other growing teams — or to join Polaris as investing venture partners or EIRs.

More than thirty-five entrepreneurs have returned to partner with Polaris a second time or more.

We’d be nowhere without the special innovators and Polaris Repeat Entrepreneurs who’ve chosen us as their partner — again and again.

Now, into our eighth chapter, we’re just beginning…

The Polaris Partners

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